Tie Dye Cotton Scarves & Wraps
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Fall in love with this luxurious lightweight fabrics. Uniquely hand painted or hand dyed, then made into beautiful scarves, wraps, shawls in varying sizes to drape, wrap, fold and knot. Great for home, for beach day, and as the perfect gift.

My process begins with the selection of the finest natural or manmade fibers which are handmade into scarves wraps and other pieces of wearable art. Each piece is uniquely hand painted and or hand dyed using natural pigments. My techniques involve freestyle painting on fabrics that are stretched and hung on frames, draped or folded on work surfaces.​

Details & Care
Because they are hand dyed and hand painted using natural pigments, irregular specks of color may sometimes appear . This is perfectly normal and serves to authenticate and enhance the piece.
We also use natural fibers which may sometimes have irregularity and inconsistency, this is perfectly normal and serves to authenticate and enhance the piece.

Hand wash each piece separately in cold water. Do not bleach.
Mijiza Images
Unique, colorful handmade 
Scarves, Wraps, Shawls, Sarongs
Hand painting silk fabric using stretch frame. The fabric is painted free-style with a water based eco friendly paint.
Hot air is then used to dry and set the paint. 
Line drying hand dyed 100% cotton fabric 
All silk scarves can be hand washed with no bleeding, fading or shrinking.